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Adrillene Rising – Our Latest Visit to Haiti 

By December 7, 2015No Comments

Banana leaves, wood, tar paper, metal, dirt floors – these make up the simple structures our Haitian friends call “homes.”66f0ccc2-efab-4b64-87fa-eba8ef503e1c

Marci and I traveled to Haiti last month to meet some true heroes. These precious families are just surviving in these so called houses. We went on the trip to identify one widow for whom we could build a home for an upcoming Valor Christian High School Discovery trip in March 2016.

We met 72 year old widow, Adrillene Python, who lives in a small dirt floor structure. Her daughter and son-in-law and two grandkids moved up to Fedja from Port-au-Prince to try and take care of her. No one has a job.

“A feeling a discouragement invaded my life after my husband died. But I have found comfort the Lord Jesus to whom I have given my life. I used to practice voodoo in the old days and wasted my youth. But the Lord touched my heart and I give all I have left to Him. I am so excited about the possibility of a new house.” – Adrillene Python

As Marci and I looked at her well-worn feet and her hands it was clear that she had walked miles and miles on those bare feet and hauled countless buckets of water from the river to cook for her family and wash clothes. Even the day-to-day tasks are very challenging in Haiti. Nothing comes easy.

We’ve been traveling to Haiti for 19 years – we’ve seen it all before. But that doesn’t stop our hearts from breaking for these precious people who struggle everyday, just to get by.

While we were meeting Adrillene we made the decision to also help two other families. We couldn’t say no. Please pray with us, as we try and find a way to build homes for them also.



The need doesn’t stop there. We walked less than one mile outside the security of the walls of All God’s Children Orphanage and everywhere we went, we saw people who need housing and clean water. We have a dream to try and build 50 houses in 2016 for more families like Adrillene. It seems like an impossible task – but we serve a great God!

Thank you for your prayers!!

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