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In January 2018, our work team stopped in Passe Pomme to pick up Pastor Colomb and take him with us to the LaSeve church’s dedication service. As we bumped along the road we talked (through Pastor’s Yves’ interpretation) about his church in Passe Pomme and their need for a new building.

It struck me during that long drive how much joy Pastor Colomb had for the church in LaSave – even though he has been waiting so long for a church building for his own congregation.

I have known Pastor Colomb Juste from Passe Pomme for many years. He attended the first pastor training I taught nearly 20 years ago. In 2003 Pastor Colomb started the church in Passe Pomme. God has used him, his wife Veronique and their nine children to bless Passe Pomme, by growing their church to an average of 150 people each Sunday.

Their church is also a blessing to the community during the week as the building transforms into a school with many growing children. Their building gets used heavily, with students during the week and families coming on Sundays.

A 1997 photo of a Thomassique pastor training

In January 2016, we decided to commit to build a new church building for Pastor Colomb and the people in Passe Pomme. However, for a number of reasons – the rainy season, the hurricane recovery in Ill-a-Vache, the new churches in both LaSeve and Colora – we have not be able to build this new church yet.

But now, the time has come.


We have begun by sending the drill truck to drill a water well in Pass Pomme and are now deeply committed to this project.

I recently saw Pastor Colomb, in February. We sat together on the platform in the front of the church in Colora during the building dedication. Once again, he was so happy for the Church in Colora to receive their new building he didn’t even mention the need for his own church.

Incredible patience!


Pastor Colomb has been watching other churches blessed with new buildings while he and his church are patiently waiting. All I can do is tell this story and share their need with our dedicated supporters and prayer warriors.

We are trusting God to build this church and it is an honor to partner with these faithful brothers and sisters. Please join me in praying for the church in Passe Pomme, Pastor Colomb, his family, and for the $55,000 we need to build this church.

Blake LaMunyon
Founder & Director


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