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We were blessed with the opportunity to build a church building for the community of Passepomme last year.  The new church building provides a safe and functional space for Church services and classroom space to educate the children giving them opportunities for a brighter future. 

As this church continues to grow, it has become the hub of the community offering space for celebrations, community meetings, and for medical treatment.  Without a building like this, many small communities are overlooked by medical teams as there is not a safe location to offer their services.

Last week, a medical team arrived in Passepomme to offer care to the community. Outside, more than 100 people lined up to receive their care. 


Inside, the medical team used the building space to set up examination tables and benches for incoming patients as well and safely stored their supplies. 


Another critical element to make this process a success is translators.  Our local liaison, Enel, gathered several people to translate for the medical team. 

These teams offered treatments for minor ailments offering much-needed pain relievers and antibiotics.  The community is very grateful to receive relief from their ailments.  

One very frightened mother brought her baby in wondering if he had contracted the bad virus (Covid-19).  Through the translator, she explained that the baby was very hot and had a very bad cough – a cough that seemed to come from his chest.  It was determined that this little boy had a bad sinus infection.  He was given Tylenol to get his fever under control and amoxicillin to fight the infection.  Without medical attention, his condition may have spread to his lungs.


This team saw close to 80 patients that day.  What an amazing blessing for the community!

We offer our sincere thanks to the medical teams, the translators, and to all of our supporters at Hope Rising Haiti who helped us build this church.

God Bless You.

Thank you for your continued support of our friends in Haiti.

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