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The Thomassique Classroom Expansion Project created a total of eight new classrooms.  Countless numbers of children will benefit from this project by having the opportunity to get an education.  The opportunity facing us at this time is that these children will need school benches much like those pictured below.

The staff at the school has requested a total of 96 8 foot school benches to accommodate the students who will attend class in these new classrooms.  

In a similar way, the new Sarazin Church and School will also need benches.  They have requested 72 benches for the church and 16 benches for the school which will occupy the second floor of the new building.





The church benches will look like those you see below.


The total number of benches requested is 184.  This will require a lot of lumber, a lot of helping hands and a lot of prayers!  The estimated cost for these benches is nearly $9,000.  While we have raised some of the funds to meet the need, we still need help.

Please pray with us that God will help us meet the needs of his followers in these two faithful communities.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support of God’s work in Haiti.

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