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While traveling to the community of Calbassier to check the water well, our friend Enel saw Pastor Bernes, a local Pastor, serving many of the surrounding communities. He told Enel that the families in this area depend on the few agricultural crops that they have to sustain the community. Right now, there is a severe lack of rain, so many of the crops have dried out. Countless families are desperately worried about finding food, but they have been praying for an answer.



What Pastor Bernes shared with Enel weighed heavily on his mind. He couldn’t get the images of starving people out of his thoughts. After a very long night, Enel reached out to us with a solution. He said he had a list of at least 31 families who were in dire need of assistance. He asked us for some funds to purchase rice, sugar, oil and other basic supplies. Hearing of the critical needs these families have, we were more than happy to help.

Enel arranged a truck to carry the supplies to these families. He was able to purchase bags of rice, sugar, pasta, and even some herring fish for extra nutrition. He enlisted a team to help him distribute the goods and set out the next morning to share these supplies.

The team was greeted with beaming smiles of joy and relief. There were plenty of helping hands to divide the supplies into family-sized quantities. In all, we were able to help more than 31 families.


Before our team left Calbassier, the community gathered together to praise the Lord and thank Him for answering their prayers. While you and I may not understand the words, you can certainly feel the joy in their voices.

Enel told us that his heart was breaking because there were more families coming from different places asking Pastor Bernes if he could help them too. Pastor Bernes told Enel that he “forces the days waiting for the sunset. If not, he will find nothing to give his own children during the separation of meals.” Thanks for partnering with us to bring some hope and help to families in need. 

Please join us in praying for this community and so many others like it.

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