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Miguelange Semè has been living with her family on dirt floors and walls made of sticks that were very unstable. She had been praying for a safe and sturdy home for a very long time.

Two years ago, her prayers were answered when we received the funding to build her a new, safe and sturdy home.

Thank you to all of our supporters who helped us build this new home.


We recently learned that her two-year-old wood doors were destroyed by the elements. She reached out to us to help her with the repairs.  We were happy to help. We replaced Miguelange’s doors with secure steel doors. We are also completing a toilet and shower area for her and her family. 


Miguelange and her family now feel safe again knowing that the doors will protect them from the elements.

Our local liaison, Enel, visited with Miguelange after the repairs were completed.  Here is part of what she wanted to share with all of you.

“Without the doors, I was unable to leave my house if the kids weren’t there because my things weren’t safe.  At night time, I was very uncomfortable.  Now, with the new doors, I feel safe in my home and I am free to leave the house knowing that my belongings are secure.  Thanks to God for answering my prayers and to all of you for making my home safe again.  I love you all!”


Thank you for your continued support of our friends in Haiti.

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