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Sister Grands Pierre Souvenir is a faithful mother of six and grandmother of nineteen children. 20 years ago, her husband left, and she has been raising her family all by herself. Grands Pierre has struggled to care for her children. Her goal, for as long as she can remember, has been to provide her family with a home that will protect them against the harsh elements. She found a job doing laundry to support her family, but it was barely enough to help the family survive.

Her family has been living in a little house that leaks endlessly during the rainy season. With worn-out tarps and palm leaves that rot when it rains, the house fails to protect her family from the storms. Despite her difficult circumstances, she faithfully follows God and serves at the orphanage.


Unfortunately, last year she was hit by a motorcycle while on her way to work at the orphanage. Grands Pierre was unable to return to work after the accident, leaving her in a desperate situation with no income. She was unable to pay her rent, so her landlord made Grands Pierre and her family leave their home.

Since being evicted, she has been renting a small house for eleven members of her family. Through all of her difficult circumstances, Grands Pierre continued to trust that God would meet her needs.


We are overjoyed to share that we have the funds to build a safe and sturdy home for Grands Pierre and her family! Their new home will also include a latrine and private shower area.

Upon hearing the good news, Grands Pierre asked us to share these words with all of you: 


Thanks to all of you who helped us make her home a reality, and we appreciate your support of what God is doing in Haiti.

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