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Psalm 19 tells us that God is always speaking to us! He speaks to us through Creation (v.1-6), and He speaks to us through His written Revelation (v.7-11). Praise God that He is always speaking to us. That He greatly desires to communicate with us.

As we gathered for the first church service in the new building in Sarazin – it was an honor to remind them that God is always revealing Himself through what He has made (Creation) and through the Bible (Revelation). But the question for Sarazin, and the question for us – is the same.

Are we listening? 

Are we setting aside time each week, and each day, to hear from God? Are we regularly reading the Bible? Are we regularly studying God’s Word? We are praying for the Church in Sarazin and for each of us to stay close to God through the Bible.

As we cut the ribbon at Sarazin to dedicate the new church building – Marci and I rejoiced with Pastor Jethro and his wife and family. For many, many years they had prayed and dreamed of having a building for their growing congregation. It was a thrill to be apart of what God is doing in Haiti through the Sarazin church. And thanks to all of you who have prayed for this project and donated. It is our honor to partner with each of you and the Church at Sarazin to Build God’s Kingdom.

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