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Thomassique is the home of a great school that has continued to provide children with a solid education. Families there know that an education provides hope for a better future for their children and their community.

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Thomassique School Children

Thomassique School Children

The success of this school presented a new challenge; there was not enough classroom space to accommodate the children.

The original plan of four classrooms would have suited their current needs, but our friend Withjean, the Superintendent of the school, developed a plan that would support the future needs as well.  Eight new classrooms are now complete!  These classrooms are 23 feet wide by 23 feet long; much larger than their counterparts.  It’s hard to know how many additional children will benefit from this addition to the school, but we are happy to know that your support is helping change the lives of so many.


Our local liaison, Enel, recently spoke to many of the staff members at the school.  They are so thankful for this fantastic gift.  They feel this is a blessing for each one of them.  They love you so much – all of you who made this project possible.  One of the teachers said “Please come see what we are doing here.  These classrooms are so important because we want more kids to have an opportunity for their future.  We prayed for it and we thank all of you.  There aren’t enough words to express how we feel.  We hope to see you.  Come visit us to see what your donations have done for us.”

Thank you to all of you who helped us make these classrooms a reality for this community.  God Bless You.



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